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It is the person you hope to become in the future, particularly at work but also in other areas of your life. 

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Have you ever struggled to answer the question where you see yourself in a few years? It is not always easy to imagine who we want to become, and having to describe it can make us focus on one single version of our self, one that other people will be able to easily understand. But what if we could find out about our future self in a different way, and see it in all its complexity, capturing our different ideas and hopes and aspirations? This is what the future work self assessment is for. Respond to a series of questions and we will show you your future work self as you have never seen it before, with our innovative visualisation tool.


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We are a team of independent researchers based at business schools in France, the UK, and the Netherlands


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Our innovative tool allows you to see connections between your different hopes and aspirations for the future. Take the quiz to receive personalised feedback!

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